In Weight Loss Treatment – Should I Go with Shortcuts and Tricks or Need to Consult with Experts?

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In weight loss treatments, one can argue that it’s either black or white – meaning there are only specific approaches to managing what you eat and the eventual fat accumulation. Skeptics would agree that if one technique works, the other will not. Many weight loss treatments and procedures have sprung here and there for many years, with each claiming itself as the best one. Since these procedures have become rampant in recent years, we need to be vigilant in choosing the most suitable approach for our weight loss goals.

With that said, what route should you choose when it comes to weight loss treatments – the simple shortcuts and tricks or a consultation with an expert? Read until the end to find out.

Shortcuts and Tricks

One approach in weight loss treatments is keeping it short, sweet, and straightforward. In our everyday lives, we come up with shortcuts to making things done easier and faster but still producing the same results, if not better, compared to the traditional way of doing things. Here are some shortcuts and tricks that have been found effective in weight loss.

Limit or Eliminate Alcohol Intake

As hard as it is to stop this vice, quitting drinking for at least a month can efficiently slim you down quickly. But no worries, this technique has no age bracket or range. Once you start seeing results, you can gradually begin introducing alcohol back into your system again.

This quick trick helps you kickstart your weight loss efforts without doing anything drastic. And when you do get alcohol back into your routine, look back on how much you were drinking before, then subtract a little to your consumption now. 

No Eating After 9 PM

Typically, snacking after dinner gives extra calories, as simple as that. Because by 9 PM, chances are, you’ve already consumed enough for the day. Perhaps, only eating out of boredom, stress, or habit. So, it’s about time to focus on your weight loss management.

Drink More Water

Our bodies can interpret dehydration as hunger. So, one easy way to reset your appetite is always to stay hydrated. In addition, studies have shown that eating foods primarily composed of water, such as brothy soups and salads with juicy vegetables, can keep us always packed but with fewer calories.

We aim to drink six (6) to eight (8) glasses daily. If you can’t get there, then at least do your best; that’s better than nothing, right?

Get Plenty of Sleep

Possibly the easiest weight loss tip; all you need to do is have eight (8) hours of sleep. It directly affects your hormones that control the hunger and satiety cues we feel. Getting at least eight (8) hours of sleep every night can keep these hormones balanced and our appetites in check. 

Drink Coffee

Coffee can be a fantastic option to help you slim down. Its main component, caffeine, helps increase the release of free fatty acids in the bloodstream. In turn, this event enables you to train longer and more intensely. Coffee has also been known to help suppress your appetite.

Eat Meals Rich in Protein and Fiber

Instead of counting your calories, calculate your protein and fiber intake. It has been found that the exact number of calories needed for weight loss is specific to each individual. That’s why tracking protein and fiber—the nutrients that keep us full at every meal is more effective.

Consulting an Expert

Another approach is seeking the help of experts in weight loss management. Shedding some weight is not only a matter of aesthetics. The link between excess weight and chronic issues, such as diabetes and heart disease, is also considered a significant health concern. However, many people find it challenging to manage their weight loss on their own and will do much better with the guidance, assistance, and expertise of a weight loss specialist.

Weight loss doctors are called bariatrician or obesity medicine specialists. They are licensed physicians who specialize in training in areas of medical weight loss. This term came from the word “bariatric,” derived from the Greek word “Barros,” which means “to weigh.” This term came into existence more than 50 years ago when the Society of Medical Weight Loss Physicians adopted this term now popularly used by such doctors.

Nowadays, weight loss doctors can help address the specific needs of overweight or obese patients. Although all doctors experience nutrition and weight loss training, obesity medicine specialists have specialized training and offer care a general physician cannot. With the help of personalized programs, these doctors can help patients finally lose weight while also keeping the weight off. However, remember that a bariatrician is different from bariatric surgeons. Bariatric surgeons administer weight loss surgeries while a bariatrician provides medically supervised programs on weight loss.

Typically, weight loss treatments start with analyzing the patient’s current level of health, physical history, and lab work. The thyroid function and other factors that result in weight gain will also be checked and assessed. Then, a program that would fit your specific situation will be designed and created. Obesity medicine specialists will also work with you in crafting a maintenance program to help support these permanent lifestyle changes essential in keeping off the weight you are trying to lose.

So, Which is Which?

Now that we’ve read about both sides – which is which for weight loss treatments? The shortcuts and tricks that are easy and simple and help maintain practical results or having consultations with experts that can dramatically give the changes you want towards your weight loss goals? 

Well, whichever one works for you. Both of these approaches aim toward one goal – weight loss. So, why not try both, and whichever favors you, go for that approach. You can even enjoy the best of both these worlds. With dedication and focus on achieving your weight loss goals, you can use any method that would satisfy your needs.

Final Thoughts

Weight loss treatments are today’s modern take on effective fat-burning, body-sculpting, and physique development. Always talk to your doctor or healthcare provider about these weight loss treatments so they can assist you in choosing the most suitable approach.

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