Vitamin Injections

Vitamin Injections

At SKINriched, we believe your overall health and well-being start from the inside out. The food we eat, the supplements we take, stress, exercise, sleep, etc., all contribute to the enjoyment and quality of our daily lives. Our wellness injections are the perfect boost to get you back on track. When paired with healthy eating habits and a workout routine, you’ll be back to feeling like your best self.

The Treatment

Wellness Injections

Vitamin B12: energy + mental focus

Lipotropic: enhances metabolism + weight loss, helps convert fat storage to energy

B12 and lipo combination

Immune booster: vitamin c, zinc, and glutathione.

Vitamin D: enhances your immune system’s health.

Wellness injections are $20 each. We also offer our monthly wellness membership! You pay $50/month and receive four injections a month.


Vitamin injections are used to increase energy and metabolism, improve your immune system, improve mental clarity and focus, and more!

You’ll see the results within 48-72 hours after the procedure.

Each patient is different and results are dependent on your own needs, however results usually last between 1-4 weeks.

It is best to avoid alcohol, and any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication before treatment as both may contribute to bruising following the procedure.

Vitamin Injections are a non-invasive treatment, and there is virtually no downtime.

You may have mild redness or irritation or swelling around the injection site.

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