SKINriched GLOW treatment

SKINriched GLOW treatment

Our SKINriched GLOW Treatment is the perfect treatment for those looking for a skin pick-me-up. With little to no downtime, it’s the perfect treatment for a few days before an event and can also be performed during the summer months. Your skin will instantly appear GLOW-y, youthful, healthy, and radiant. A highly effective blend of ingredients is combined and “stamped” on the face. The most common ingredients are Botox or Dysport, hyaluronic acid filler, peptides, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and growth factors. These ingredients decrease the appearance of pores, prevent sweat and oil production, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and produce an overall dewy glow.

Perfect for those looking to achieve:

The Treatment

At SKINriched, we use a Hydraneedling device with 4-in-1 Vortex Technology to exfoliate, peel, and extract impurities from the skin. This treatment can be tailored to your concerns. The procedure takes 45 minutes to complete. There is no downtime required after the treatment. You may get redness in the treatment area, and mild peeling of dull skin cells may occur three to four days after the procedure.

What to expect

A device containing 20, 24K gold tip needles are gently stamped into the skin. The procedure takes about 15 minutes, leaving you with the perfect glow! Some redness may be present and persist for the first 24 hours.

Add Ons: Natural Growth Factor Injections

Add ons

Natural Growth Factor Injections

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