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Are you considering injectables and other nonsurgical solutions for your skin? If so, this post is the answer! Nonsurgical solutions can be used to restore a more youthful appearance by restoring lost volume, smoothing wrinkles, and plumping lips.

Learn more information together with SKINriched here in this post! Plus, our team, together with Hayley, is ready to help you achieve the best skin care needs for yourself! Learn about injectable filler treatments in the section below.

The Injectable Solutions

Many obvious indicators of aging can be traced back to volume loss. As facial tissues weaken, wrinkles appear around the nose and lips, and the cheeks seem somewhat hollow. SKINriched recommends scheduling your injectable appointment at least two weeks before any event or picture shoot to decrease bruising and/or swelling.

But what are these injectables that you can take? Here’s what we’ve got:

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

In general, platelet-rich plasma represents a distinct injectable method. Instead of utilizing a chemical that has already been created, we extract your blood in the office, spin it down in a centrifuge, and inject it back into the affected area. PRP, popularly known as “Liquid Gold,” is the optimal method for stimulating cell growth and regeneration in the body.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a concentration of platelets that circulate in the blood and are essential for blood coagulation. Blood platelets and plasma include critical elements for cell recruitment and specialization. 

The incredible benefits of PRP can be used to increase the body’s natural collagen production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, scarring, and more. Additionally, it is utilized to stimulate hair growth and fortify hair follicles.

How It Works:

Hayley will extract a little amount of blood from a vein in your arm using a small butterfly needle. We suggest you drink plenty of water the day before and after your treatment. 

If you have a history of difficult blood draws, please inform us before your appointment. Next, we will spin your blood in our centrifuge and prepare it for treatment. The substance is re-injected into the affected area using a needle or cannula. 

After the initial treatment, visible results might be observed for four to six weeks. We recommend that you prepare properly and give yourself at least two weeks before any important events, trips, or photos in case you experience any leftover bruising or swelling.

  • Most popular PRP treatments:
  • Under-eye / periorbital area
  • Creases in the lower face
  • Necklines / “tech neck”
  • Regrowth of hair on the scalp
  • PRP supplement for microneedling or GLOW therapy


An average of three to four treatments spaced one month apart are recommended for optimal outcomes, with one to two treatments per year as maintenance. We divide PRP injections into two groups: face injections and hair restoration injections.

Dermal Filler: Juvederm and Restylane

We employ dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid to remove fine lines and wrinkles, plump and moisturize the lips, and restore lost volume. Dermal fillers help us to restore lost volume or accentuate your natural features.

The most often requested areas include:

  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Minor creases around the mouth
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Marionette lines

We also have considerable expertise in injecting advanced facial and body locations, including:

  • Chin
  • Jawline
  • Under-eye / tear duct
  • Hands
  • Scar repair plus cleft lip

As the treatments listed above are more advanced, a consultation is required during your visit to confirm you are the ideal candidate for treatment.

What To Expect 

We administer a topical anesthetic lotion and ice for additional comfort. Results are noticeable soon after treatment, although some bruising and swelling may occur. Approximately two to three weeks following injections, the product will settle, and you’ll experience the ultimate benefits. 

We recommend that you prepare properly and give yourself at least two weeks before any important events, trips, or photos in case you experience any leftover bruising or swelling. 


Typically, results endure between 9 and 18 months. Longevity varies between individuals and treatments based on the injected region and type of filler used.

Botox & Dysport are Neuromodulators

Botox and Dysport are neuromodulators/neurotoxins. Neuromodulators are the optimal method for treating and preventing fine facial lines, wrinkles, and deep furrows.

The most often requested areas include:

  • Forehead creases (frontalis)
  • The number 11 / between the brows (glabella)
  • Ostrich feet (orbicularis oculi)
  • brow raise

Hayley also has expertise in injecting advanced facial and body locations, including:

  • Turning the mouth downward / frowning
  • TMJ / jaw clenching/jawline shrinking
  • A dimpling chin
  • Gummy grin and lip rotation
  • Nasalis/bunny lines
  • Hyperhidrosis = extreme perspiration
  • Necklines / Platysmal bands
  • Migraines

What To Expect:

A tiny amount will be injected into the targeted muscle region. Most procedures are between 15 and 30 minutes, allowing you to return swiftly to your routine. 

Following injections, it is advised that you stay from physical activity for the remainder of the day and avoid lying flat for four hours. Within 3 to 7 days, you will begin to observe a reduction in movement, with the treatment’s full effect becoming evident by day 14.

Neuromodulators have been extensively explored and evaluated in clinical trials. At SKINriched, you can rest assured that you are receiving FDA-approved, manufacturer-purchased products.

Other Solutions

With lots of treatments for nonsurgical solutions, you may be confused about which one to take. Here’s an added bonus (and answer) for your treatments. 

Nonablative Lasers

Nonablative lasers penetrate the dermis without destroying the epidermis. They stimulate collagen production, diminish fine wrinkles, and improve skin tone and firmness. The operation can be uncomfortable. Therefore your doctor will apply numbing medication to your face. 

Since nonablative lasers do not harm the skin’s surface, you will not require as much recovery time as other treatments.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels employ an acid solution to remove old, dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. Typically, the solution combines glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, phenol, and trichloroacetic acid (TCA).

It may take approximately fifteen minutes to apply, and you may experience stinging and irritation. Over the next few days, the upper layers of your skin will peel, revealing fresher, smoother skin.

Thermage Foundations 

Thermage is an effective treatment for crepey, sagging skin. This device heats the skin with radio-frequency energy. The heat induces collagen production, which tightens the skin. Thermage can be uncomfortable, but a single treatment is typically sufficient for excellent results.


Non Invasive cosmetic procedures are not risk-free. You may get an adverse reaction to topical anesthetics or injectable fillers. However, they are typically less dangerous than cosmetic surgery. Before scheduling a procedure, discuss the following with your dermatologist.

Contact us here at SKINriched or visit us at our clinic. Our doctors are ready to serve you and help you achieve your aesthetic goal!  

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